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My Suffering Ended!!

May 13, 2010 by  
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Hello everyone, My name is Travis. I was born 80% def, and with messed up legs. I came home one day and urinated blood. I have had 7 tubes in each ear and surgery in my left ear. I went threw life wondering what I should do. Struggling to find out why I was here. I never drank or did drugs, just never got in to it. I tried Wicca, Pagan, and found out they led no were. Year 2000 for me was a rough year.. My brother went to prison, my Dad past away, my other bro went to war in Baghdad, I got into 3 car wreaks, My fiance broke up with me, my mom got Ill and I got Deathly ill. I was broken. My illness was consuming me but at that time I was going to church. One Sunday morning I woke up with Infection in my eyes and me feeling like I got hit by a train. I told my mom I wasn’t going to church today.. A man name Sidney called the house and told my mom “The Lord just told me Travis wasn’t coming to church. Tell Travis the Lord said he haves to be there he is going to heal him today.” Hearing what my mom said it took everything I had to get up and get ready for Church. I remember looking in the mirror and telling myself “I’m Dying” while I was getting ready. When I got to church Sid was praying for people. When he saw me he spoke out loud. “Your the one” God said your suffering is over today. He is going to heal your ears,heart,pancreas, and death is going to be removed from you. As he started to pray I felt a release in my spirit then a release in my body.. I was healed!! My life changed and I accepted the Lord and was Baptize by the Holy Spirit. Today I am a sick man. I take 6 meds everyday, Died twice in 2006, and I am unable to work.. Waite you might be thinking.. He said your suffering is over?? I haven’t suffered since!! My spiritual body is as healthy as ever. I haven’t suffered Spiritually anymore.. My health? It’s a blessing and my best Ministry.. I have people coming to me a lot asking how I do it and still smile and give thanks.. I simply say It’s all Jesus cause I’m no good on my own.. Hes mercy and his Love has changed my life forever.. He has used me in many ways.. I pray he continues to use me till he is ready to bring me home.. I’m so glade and thankful of my hearing. Missing the Lord given me music to write and missing the great awesome songs I hear Lecrae, and News Boys sing, I thank Jesus everyday for my hearing. I would have missed out on a lot of great worship.. God Bless everyone.. Love You All!!

Submitted by: Travis

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