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Trip lee NEW Album. [OUT NOW] also, Some of Trips Classic Hit’s!

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He Said: The response to 20/20 was more than I could have asked for. I heard so many stories about how God used the album in the lives of the listeners. The stories range from people just being helped through rough days, to people trusting Christ for the very first time. That blows me away! I want to thank everyone for all the support. But, it’s time for a new chapter and a brand new album. After 8 months of prayer, hard work, and God’s grace, my third album is ready to be released. My latest project will release June 22 and is entitled “Between Two Worlds.” I can’t even express how excited I am about the project and I can’t wait for people to hear it. While 20/20 was devoted to helping people see God properly, B2W is devoted to helping people see life in a broken world properly (the way God sees it). The album is in many ways a collection of reflections on life in our fallen world. It’s meant to celebrate the good things, be real about the difficult things, and look hopefully towards the solution. It’s not meant to be a comprehensive study on life in a fallen world, only reflections on some of the things that were on my heart. It’s almost like a reality show, not depicting just my life, but all of our lives. And my desire was for all of my reflections to be rooted in a biblical worldview. So I talk about human limitations, friendships, even music, but of course from a Christian perspective. I chose the title “Between Two Worlds” because that is where I find myself. And

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26 Responses to “Trip lee NEW Album. [OUT NOW] also, Some of Trips Classic Hit’s!”
  1. Altermax777 says:

    What album is get loose from?!!

  2. TheLegendUTube says:

    Oh thank you so much… God bless u!

  3. TNAguy2000 says:

    @TheLegendUTube superstar, get loose, fall back , Who is like him

  4. TheLegendUTube says:

    Please send me the names of this songs.

  5. NextTopMiler says:

    Haha how is that different than any other label? Every song they have made in the recent banging albums(Rebel, 2020, ID Crisis, Lions and Liars) has been of really good quality. They just plain don’t put out garbage stuff, whether it’s preaching, albums, features, artwork, promo videos they always do it big.

  6. Mike7772009 says:

    can’t wait!

  7. TNAguy2000 says:

    @ButterlySmuckers On it says Trip Lee’s New album will have Bangin Hits on every track. So stay tuned until is album comes out dude

  8. ButterlySmuckers says:

    straight up tired of the producers and artist…they dont take time for nothing..if i made an album , every track is gonna be a hit..not just 2 or 3??

  9. MrAidynRocka says:


    haha fa real? lil wayne? trip lee got it lil wayne doesn’t even know who he is.

  10. thefieldtrackstarz says:

    Type in the search engine…

    Line 4 Line Lil Wayne vs Trip Lee

  11. ItsLittleNicky says:

    the only thing on my wish list is this CD!

  12. MsDes7 says:

    I can’t wait!

  13. Blaiyan says:

    I’m definitely waiting on this.

  14. errikyesz says:

    trip has been going in ..on alot of features from Jimmy needham to eyes open remix. But its tough to say man! the expectation was kiling me, the lyrical content. TRIP you def grew as an artsit,production is sick, jai laced it.i guess alot of the jazzy,miles davisy touch came in one this one…But i would have like something harder to bang in the whip ,not something for bedtime-but best believe still copping that B2W

  15. LynyrdSkynyrdFan100 says:


  16. jcect says:

    cant wait yo

  17. InterianEk says:

    I’m also excited
    Just one more month

  18. ghanaboyi says:

    Im excited bro! cant wait :D

  19. SOULjAHR116 says:

    cant wait!

  20. SuperDextros says:

    bring it on

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