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Want to Book Lecrae, Tedashii, or Trip Lee for an Event?

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We have received may emails about booking some of the best Christian rap artists in the industry for events. Now, Reach Records, their current recording lable, has made it extreamly easy to book any of their Christian rap artists for your event. They have just launched their new website Reach Booking allowing a streamline process to get to witness first hand these increadibly gifted artists live and up close!

Their Mission…

Our mission is to provide authentic, relevant ministry in your community that brings glory to Christ through our artists and speakers.  Whether you are needing a trainer, DJ, musical artist or speaker for your event, we are here to build a relationship with you while committing ourselves to transforming the culture with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

If I were you, I would get my event started the right way… With Lecrae and Tedashii spittin some mean lyrics at my neighborhood block party!

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43 Responses to “Want to Book Lecrae, Tedashii, or Trip Lee for an Event?”
  1. Yoni Rains says:

    I love the fact that the Beza Youth in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, is joinging together to convince one of the most beloved and influencial christian rappers ever!!
    Honestly it was really hard for me to transition from everyday secular music , till I heard my first Lecrae song ‘Identity’ I flipped out, because it was amazing how much it related to me and my situation. Ever since then I always brag to my friends, they say they got drake, I got Tedashii; they got lil wayne I got Lecrae,they got j. cole I got Trip Lee. So please! please!! try and come to Ethiopia ( at Beza International Church) and help us show the youth how cool Christian rap and music is, and that they can still express themselves in Christ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wale says:

    I used to be in to eminem, drake, the game and all the other rappers who rap about earthly possessions, women and money. When I first heard you rap it blew my mind away. A friend of mine gave me your CD and I started listening to it. And after that my life started to change. I was completely changed. I beg you to share onto others what I have recieved from you. Please come to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. We youth at Beza International Church would like you to host a concert that will change the lives of millions of people. God Bless!!!
    P.S I loved Gravity!!!!!!!

  3. Cookie :) says:

    Oh My God!! This is just awesome…lecrae, trip lee and everyone jamming, worshiping and praising the lord with the Ethiopian youth (greatly beloved by God)! I can not wait until u guys are here because ur cds have blessed us and changed a lot here, how much more could this influence grow if you were here live! So there it is, Beza Internationel Church is our home; could be urs too… :) much love! :)

  4. Kuk-c-crumbles says:

    Hey guyz fo hu ever dats gonna read dis, i’d jst luv to say dat u guyz r such bleeeeesings. Addin up to wat monik n kebron said we’d loooove for u guyz to cm to Addis Abeba, Ethiopia Beza International Church. Its amazing that even the non-christians r startin to like christian music because of u guyz. U guyz r sooo privilaged that God is using ur lives to do all these amazing things n i rly do hope dat smday i cld b dat person too. N cming frm a person hu lives in ethiopia…it sounds a bit ironic bt lets jst say dat i believe wid God evrythin is possible. Ny ways we love u guyz soooo much n look, dis is how much we want u guyz to come we’r gangin up on u :p…hope u @ least consider dis n we have an AFRICA ARISE program comin up where the whole africa will gather n many people of God are ministering n we wld love to hv u as one of those ppl. It starts on January 23-27. Bt hey if u cnt make it then, no dead line fo u, jst try to cm ANY time….hu knows u might end up gettin blessed ethiopian style:). So thats abt it….tnx fo readin n btw fo all of y’all hu dnt no, lecrae’s fb page is

  5. KebrOn says:

    Wow what a coincidence…..monik hu jst commented above is my friend n we go to the same church. I ws jst readin the comments n thinking of ways on how to state ma request. I rly do believe that it wld be amazing n a huuuuuge blessing, almost more than what we can ask for, if we cld hv lecrae here in Ethiopia, Addis Abeba Beza International Church. U rly cnt imagine the influence u guyz hv on us. Every friday @ our youth program u cn here all the trip lee, lecrae..songz n for all the youth, especially teens here hu think that church is a borin place, christian hip hop songs rly seem to show the fun passionate n amazing side of christianity. So wat am rly tryin to say is dat u r a huuge blessing to us n i cnt even begin to imagine how many more lives wld b changed if u cld cm n perform live. N thank u for bein a role model n jst keep bein u :D

  6. Rebekka says:

    I would love to see lecrae in germany to “Himmelfahrtfestival 2013″… but it’s very unlikely : /

  7. Nitzia says:

    My youth group is all about lecrae’s music and so we were wondering how much it’d be to book him for Texas!(:

  8. Sams. says:

    I’m Sams, a young christian rapper still seeking spiritual and intellectual growth in christ before ministering. Lecrae’s my Role model. There are lots of young rappers for christ downhere that needs him and his clique if possible……so i would love it if he can come for programme,’THE EXPERIENCE’ Which is coming up in Lagos,Nigeria in december 2012. Thanks. Shallom!

  9. Brighton muputisi says:

    We want 116 in zimbabwe

  10. Ryan says:

    Thank you!! in helping me recieve my break through.

  11. Michael Anders says:

    i would love to have lecrae at my church we r always having people come and sing oldies nothing wrong with that but we r a now church and we need to have some more help reaching out to our community!!

  12. Tiny says:


    I am looking to surprise my daughter at her birthday party with a surprise visit from lecrae. . She will be 12 years old on December 30th. My daughter absolutely loves him and his music. Many of her classmates that she has brought to Christ says that Lecrae is all that she talks about. Every time that she is asked what she wants for her birthday she says for her daddy to find a Job and to have Lecrae at her birthday Thank you for touching my daughters life!,

  13. bb11 says:

    I really want to book lecrae but my dad is on a budget so how much is it to book lecrae for Florida

  14. Brian says:

    I would like to find out how to invite lecrae tedasshi to our church. Because we’re kinda losing our teens at our church because we don’t have a lot of things fun to do for them. I just think starting with this will help a lot. Being able to do this more often will keep them interested in church. Because a lot of the teens now days r listening to lil Wayne and eminem and all that nasty secular music. Lecrae u r awesome!!!!!! I like the way u and Tedasshi group together and bust out some sick Christian raps. It’s so wonderful to have Christian rappers that r in it for God and not the fame. Lecrae is genuin when I hear ur music I can feel the holy spirit same as Tedasshi. And there’s some out there that say there Christian but u can tell that there not.

  15. RascoQuintus says:

    I would love Lecrae to come to Zambia and help change many lives of Zambians.And it would be greater vifd he comes with his fellas in there group.Halla

  16. Moniek Haverkort says:

    Hey!!! I’m a very VERY big fan of all of them so it’s really hard for me to decide!! The thing is that I’d really like to surprise my church youth group and two special friends. I know it probably sounds like just any other request but I hope it’ll sound different. I live in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I believe our whole church ‘Beza International Church’ would really love to have any of them come to visit, especially Lecrae because our dance-team enjoys dancing to his music. But my special request is the fact that I have a friend who’s parents are strict and won’t let him show his talents and another one who is also very gifted. One can write very very AWESOME christian raps. He’s a very passionate 16 year old. And the other is an incredible 21 year old singer for our choir. I believe “No weapon formed against us shall prosper” and hopefully one of the above listed Christian rappers will help him show off their talents for Christ. we’ll take the world by storm one day with His grace. Thanks for setting an example!!

  17. Jackie says:

    I’ve seen a coupple of videos where they minister to just a handful of guys n i’d love to see that on my campus in Kenya. Oh… How i wish!!!

  18. Aretha says:

    Yes I would love for them to come to my city-people need to hear about like never before- we will get it crnk Jesus style

  19. samantha says:

    i would like Lecrae, Tedashii, Trip Lee to come to my event on December 4th. im doing an event called hoops of hope and i want an amazing christian rapper there that could hopefully touch my friends and family like never before. i hope to hear back from you guys. thanks soo much.

  20. Exploits mutale says:

    I would like lecrae,trip and flame to zambia bcoz thru them God will change lives

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