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Want to Book Lecrae, Tedashii, or Trip Lee for an Event?

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We have received may emails about booking some of the best Christian rap artists in the industry for events. Now, Reach Records, their current recording lable, has made it extreamly easy to book any of their Christian rap artists for your event. They have just launched their new website Reach Booking allowing a streamline process to get to witness first hand these increadibly gifted artists live and up close!

Their Mission…

Our mission is to provide authentic, relevant ministry in your community that brings glory to Christ through our artists and speakers.  Whether you are needing a trainer, DJ, musical artist or speaker for your event, we are here to build a relationship with you while committing ourselves to transforming the culture with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

If I were you, I would get my event started the right way… With Lecrae and Tedashii spittin some mean lyrics at my neighborhood block party!

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34 Responses to “Want to Book Lecrae, Tedashii, or Trip Lee for an Event?”
  1. How much does a feature from lacre cost?
    Also will any artist on Reach Records be interested in rapping on any of my tracks/beats?
    Go to:

  2. Eliud Greg says:

    Send me the cost including the flight prices. Thanks you are a blessing to many people. Keep up the good work. Lecrea

  3. Eliud Greg says:

    Hey i am from Kenya. Nairobi. I would like to host. You. Guys for a nice time. event in our. Country. This event is aimed at sponsoring or promoting upcoming talent in the gospel industry. Also we will bring youth together and imparting the word of God in them. It will be a blessing to many and lifes will be changed. Joi us Rated Fun Adventures as we spread the word of God thanks and hope to hear from you.

  4. in the end……. an operating habbo coins crack:

  5. 8-16-14 very large free Christian event that is going to save thousands of souls that night. Free food provided. Up to 50,000 people in attendance. Hundreds of counselors for ministry available. One night only. This event is focused on youths but will be open to all. Please we need you as our rapper just cancelled due to large crowd size event will be held in chiefland Florida

  6. PFRANKY says:

    Greetings to Lecrae my fellow labourer in d vineyard. I am a gospel rapper in Nigeria and a Pastor. I am a fan of your works and hope to share a stage with you bro someday. Remain bless!

  7. Hello lecrae im huge fan of your music i would like to book u for my church Youth Night★And I was wonderin how much would be the cost and all that We live in Apopka FL!

  8. glad gold says:

    I want 2 book 116 clique 4 a concert in port harcourt city nigeria. Ogbunabali community precisely. Come nd ignite d fire in our nigerian youths

  9. Rubiel says:

    God bless Lacrae,

    I just saw you at battlecry over the weekend and you and Andy Mineo lit the stage up with both of your presence…I am the youth president of Second Baptist Church in Union city..This is my first year and I could honestly say I never thought I would be called to have an impact on the youth this way..I am new to this and I know this is a long shot since you have many requests to make appearances but that is not going to stop me to try to make a humble request. I feel it in my heart if you were able to stop by a just a few minutes that would excite the youth and if you could give some encouraging words, that would have an impact on them for many years to come. I humbly ask if you are ever in the nyc area we are just across the bridge. Our small but loving church is on 120 40th street in Union City, NJ. I enjoy your music but I mostly enjoy your story through it. I thank you for your time and we will keep you and everyone under reach records in prayer, especially Tedashii with his recent loss….God bless brother and hope to hear from you sometime in the future..

  10. Melvinna Sharp says:

    I am just a regular person who loves God and our youth. They need to hear

    the gospel. They need to hear this music.

    Please, please consider coming to Compton, California. Our kids have no

    hope for the future and are dying out here. Please come. Save a life.

  11. Santiago Velasquez says:

    Hey I was looking to see if I could book lacrae for an event. The youth at our church are just starting to become on fire for God and I want to keep that going. I know for a fact that they all love lacrae and would love to see you preform. If you could come it would keep them encouraged about staying on fire for God and its a good way to bring more youth to God.

  12. Alex Akpo says:

    I’m trying to book Lecrae for an Autism Awareness concert that me and a program I’m in at school are putting on. It’s our 10th Annual and it needs to be special.
    Anyone think they can help me out here?

  13. i am a pastor’s son but God has much for me but the devil caught me has well and and want to be a beloved child of God and you pray a prayer for my…
    403 livi in laredo texas surrey (american)

  14. kebs z :) says:

    hey! i dont even know how to begin. sorry for ambushing you like this but this is an awesome idea and you guys have been such a huge blessssssing to us here in Beza International Church, Addis Ababa and we love your songs like crazzzzy!!! you have personally changed a lot of things in my life through your songs and I just wanna say that God is using you in a huge way to get to people across the world to share the love of Christ specially teenagers. I know for sure you have become a stepping stone for us at Beza youth to see God in a different way for ourselves cause of our tradition and culture for the most of us Christianity was something we needed to do on a Sunday morning cause our parents told us to. But not anymo, cause of you guys now being a christian is a life style for us instead of a religion. you might not know Ethiopia or might not know that you had fans here but please please please consider it cause it would be an awesome blessing for us to have hold a concert here and im sure if u come u’ll be blessed too…. so please come. we love u!!!!

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